Why E-Design Is The Perfect Solution For Your Interior Design Woes

The world we live in today a fast-paced whirl of scheduling, planning, and endless productivity that we constantly try to keep in balance with the leisurely side of life. With this constant back-and-forth, whether it's juggling family life with professional life, working longer hours to excel your future, or struggling to prioritize what would make you happy and less stressed, we're all in the same boat of putting things off, even if they're important to us.

One of those things we tend to push to the side is our home. Yes, we clean and tidy. Maybe move the couch from one wall to another. But everyone has a home project they'd love to implement to bring their living space to next level. The problem is they just can't seem to get started. Or worse, they don't even know where to start, so they give up completely without even an attempt.

Hey, I get it. I'm a single mom with a hockey-star son who owns her own business and still feels guilty when we order pizza instead of making dinner at home. That's how life works. It's overwhelming and there's always something more pressing or seemingly important to do instead. But here's the thing: your home is important.

Your home is your retreat. Your space. An extension of who you are and all the things that help you feel safe and comforted. A place where you can be totally and completely yourself. It's the backdrop to all of your kids' early memories. It's where their minds will always return when they're scared or stressed or homesick. It holds you, your family, and your friends, always and unwavering, in its arms.

Yes, it's that important. And it deserves a little TLC every now and then.

So, stop putting off transforming your home into your own personal oasis away from the stresses and uncertainties of the world outside your front door and take advantage of a new way to design.

With virtual or "e-design," you get an original and personally designed project delivered right to your inbox. And because families’ schedules are always exponentially increasing, this is a great (and less expensive) alternative to traditional interior design. You have total control of what happens to your space without the countless meetings and sit-downs. You can check out your custom creation while waiting for your children at the football field, hockey rink, ballet studio, or during that treasured, quiet time when everyone in your home is finally asleep.

Your home is your retreat.

So if you love what I do, but don’t live in Massachusetts, or simply don't have the time or patience to deal with scheduling in a traditional interior designer, the good news is that none of that matters. Have questions? Let's hear them! I'm here to help you make something beautiful.


First, book a free, 30-minute Discovery Call so we can chat about your e-design project and your vision for the space. Then, purchase your E-Design Package on the website and execute the e-design agreement. You will then get access to your project portal where we can communicate about the project. Complete the online questionnaire and provide measurements, photos, and inspirational images so I can design a beautiful space that's uniquely you. Review the project that will be uploaded to your project portal in 1-2 weeks. You will get a shopping list, shop-able links, floor plan, mood board, 3-D pictures, and specific instructions of how to put room together so you experience your own HGTV "reveal" moment. You can also provide feedback and, if necessary, make up to two revisions of the plan. Of course, the end goal is that you are happy with the design!

*Please note that due to demand, e-design projects are limited each month.

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